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Published By Forefront Books
Distributed By Simon & Schuster

"Characters come alive and the plot is compelling.  Like House of Gucci, this novel offers a peek inside a  fashion empire, and a family in turmoil with a father and son locked in a titanic struggle for power."

—FRANK DOROFF, Former Vice-Chairman, Bloomingdales


“Martin Sneider’s debut novel is a jewel of a book. If you like great drama, great writing, and great clothes and great shoes, SHELF LIFE is a must-read.”

—RUCHAMA KING, New York Times-Bestselling Author


“I have always loved the retail business for the part we could play in someone’s life—the graduation suit, the wedding dress, and the careers we would build. SHELF LIFE took me back to the history, the families, the drive, and ambition of creative individuals to start and run a dynamic business and the times that influenced their decisions. I couldn’t put it down.”

—MAXINE K. CLARK, Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop


“A terrific novel from a retailing pro who has written a page-turner with a powerful and triumphant conclusion. A riveting tale of a family wracked by betrayal and revenge as its once-successful fashion empire crumbles. A great read.”

—PETER J. SOLOMON, Founder, Solomon Partners


“SHELF LIFE  is an intensely readable multigenerational family story that jumps off the page, captivates the reader, and teaches about love, the loss of love, business, and fashion. Martin Sneider is a modern-day Herman Wouk. He understands human nature and writes with a love of his characters and his overall subjects—how we live, love, and shop. A great read.”